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You are here » Home » News » As a Maroons Supporter, is it wrong to hope NSW wins tonight?

The first State of Origin game of this year’s three game series is on tonight and one wonders whether there is going to be the excitement surrounding it that there has been for the last 30 years or so or whether the fire is burning itself out.  NSW supporters everywhere hardly even have the energy anymore to sledge us Queenslanders as they used to do so passionately before, such is the depths of their despair and lack of confidence in their team.

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand why the New South Wales supporters have become disheartened, almost disinterested. It’s heartbreaking to keep losing time and time again. The diehard Blues supporters would be eternally optimistic and holding onto that hope of a first series win in 8 years but those fickle supporters who tend only to support teams when they are winning probably won’t even watch the game, let alone go to the game and see one of the best spectacles they are ever likely to witness. Such a tragedy!

This brings me then to the point where, as a longstanding diehard Maroons supporter, I really am torn. Without a doubt, I want to reignite the passion that existed amongst all NSW and Qld supporters when the competition was much more even.  But for that to happen New South Wales would have to win the series.  So, in effect, for me to get what I want (ie renewed passion from all supporters!) I would have to support, promote even, a NSW series win.

So can I bring myself to do it, for the better good of the game?  Surely just one series win to NSW won’t hurt?  Well I have searched my soul for the answer to this difficult but extremely important question and time and time again I have come up with the same answer: Not on your life!  I just can’t bring myself to do it. Not only do I not want New South Wales to win the series, I don’t even want to let them win a game. It goes against my core inner being, who I am and everything I believe in.  I’m a passionate Queenslander, I love the game and I love watching the spirit that comes out in all Queenslanders when Origin comes around and particularly when we win the series.

Show no mercy boys! Let the New South Wales team and all their supporters cry into their beers one more time. Bring home your eighth series win in a row and show New South Wales why Queensland is undeniably the best State now and forever! GO THE MAROONS!!

– Sean Delpopolo