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You are here » Home » News » Do Brisbane casual workers have rights under WorkCover Qld?

The life of a casual worker can be very difficult at times, especially with the uncertainty and insecurity that stems from a casual job. Of course, many casual workers would love an opportunity to work full-time. Yet, casual work is a very lucrative opportunity for many employers to benefit from labour without having to commit to the additional benefits and assurances given to full-time employees.

Casual work often puts the worker in an awkward position with their employer. Many are fearful of losing their jobs or an opportunity to convert to permanent work hours. It follows that most casual workers are reluctant to ‘stir the waters’ by complaining about potential safety concerns such as faulty equipment, lack of safety protocols or inaccessibility of proper safety gear. Sadly, workers expose themselves to personal risk by adopting this mentality and there is no easy answer for the conundrum in being seen as a ‘complainer’ and let go simply because they choose to report an incident to their employer or WorkCover.

Yet, if you are a casual worker and you are injured in the workplace, please remember that you do have legal rights. All workers in Australia, including part-time, temporary or seasonal workers have rights and protections in the workplace. One of the most important rights includes the right to compensation for workplace injuries through WorkCover insurance.

See Your Doctor

When you are first injured in a workplace accident, it is very important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after your accident and injury. It is highly recommended that you pursue treatment from your own family doctor. Do not wait to have a doctor assigned to you by WorkCover or your employer.

Report Your Injury

Reporting your injury to the workplace should be done as soon as possible. It is important that you inform a supervisor or manager of the injury and make sure that a report is done in writing to substantiate the accident and your injuries.

Even if the injuries are minor such as a small laceration, you should still make sure that this is reported because should the injury become worse due to the workplace (e.g. if your cut becomes infected because you work in a contaminated area such as a mine or in other rough conditions) then you will at least have a record of an initial injury that can also be proven to have been aggravated by the workplace.

It is illegal for an employer to dissuade or threaten you from recording a workplace accident or lodging a WorkCover claim. If you are being subject to this treatment, speak with a lawyer immediately.

Lodge a WorkCover Qld Claim

If your injuries are very minor, then it might not be necessary to lodge a WorkCover claim. However, if your injuries are substantial enough that they might impact on your work capacity or your regular life at home then it is advisable that you lodge a WorkCover claim with your employer or through WorkCover Qld.

Worker Rights Need to be Protected

Allowing your fears and anxiety about how the workplace should react if you have been injured is not a sufficient excuse to absolve your legal rights. It is in your best interests and those of your fellow employees to make sure that these rights are protected.

Any credible employer will support this right for all working Australians. If they do not, it is highly recommended that you speak to a lawyer to protect your future and the welfare of yourself and your family.

There is no harm in consulting with a personal injury lawyer to be informed of your legal rights before you take action. Most law firms offer a no obligation, free initial consultation.

East Coast Injury Lawyers – Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane

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