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You are here » Home » News » How Long Will it Take to Receive My Compensation?

Personal injury claims are highly variable in their complexity. They can take from 3 months to 3 years to settle.

Also it really depends on the severity of your injuries as to the likely duration of the claim. If your injuries are relatively trivial and you make a speedy recovery, then your claim will be able to be settled relatively quickly. On the other hand, if your injuries are more persistent (which many can be), then it is important to wait until your injuries settle or stabilise to better determine the long term nature of the impact of your injuries. Obviously, that will involve taking more time, but it is imperative to ensure you recover a proper, and fair, level of injury compensation. Because when your claim has been settled with the insurer, it is not possible to reopen the claim in the event your condition deteriorates at a later time.

After speaking with you, one of our expert personal injury lawyers will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the likely duration of your claim.