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Nov 01

My Dog Bit the Postman What Do I Do?

Friday, November 01, 2013

Injuries caused through dog or animal attacks are relatively common. The majority of these come from dog attacks. The results of these can be very serious.

Essentially, liability in Queensland for dog attacks comes down to both the type of breed of dog and any known history of aggression. There are certain breeds that are deemed to be dangerous, such as a German Shepherd, regardless of whether it has ever previously shown signs of aggression. If it injures someone, the owner will be liable.

For other breeds not thought to be dangerous, such as lap dogs it comes down to the known history of the animal. If there is any history of aggression or attacks, the owners will be liable regardless of the breed of animal.

The good news for both owners and for injured parties is that in most scenarios, the owner can claim on their home and contents insurance policy. This frequently has third part liability coverage to ensure there is something to claim against.

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