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Insurance companies love taking recorded statements from people after a car accident. Most notably, these statements are taken from drivers, passengers and pedestrians.   Read the rest of the entry...

The life of a casual worker can be very difficult at times, especially with the uncertainty and insecurity that stems from a casual job. Of course, many casual workers would love an opportunity to work full-time. Yet, casual work is a very lucrative opportunity for many employers to benefit from labour without having to commit to the additional benefits and assurances given to full-time employees.   Read the rest of the entry...

The death of a family member is always a difficult event to deal with. Despite great advances in workplace safety, accidents still happen and sometimes they can be fatal. This is not only a huge emotional burden, but it also can mean financial disaster for a family that relies on the worker for support.  Read the rest of the entry...

Our office was sympathetic to hear the story of a poor pregnant Sydney woman, Ms Meghan Rachel-Cochrane, who was allegedly ‘forced’ to sleep on a Brisbane Virgin Terminal floor.

This is a complicated situation where Virgin Airlines must balance its service policies with the woman’s well being and its general duty of care to its customers. However, passengers who undertake flights must also be aware of their duty to mitigate their situation as well.

A Duty of Care to its Customers

Virgin Airlines cited its policy as the authority for refusing Rachel accommodation and access to the member’s lounge.

It is important that airlines adhere to a strict duty of care to protect customers from foreseeable harm. Pregnant women according to Virgin Airline’s pregnant while flying policy are not allowed to travel on a 4 hour or less flight after their 38th week of pregnancy.

However, the policy also stated that, “If you are 28 weeks pregnant or more, you will be required to carry a letter from your doctor or midwife, dated no more than 10 days prior to travel, outlining the estimated due date, single or multiple pregnancies, the absence of complications, and your fitness to fly for the duration of the flight(s) booked.

It is uncertain in the article if Virgin Airlines has followed all of its standards including requesting a doctor/midwife letter. However, had this situation resulted in an injury or a complication to the childbirth while the Rachel was within the airline’s care, then she may be entitled to compensation for Virgin’s negligence in allowing her to fly contrary to their own policy.

The Importance of Emotional Integrity When Assessing Legal Rights

On the facts, Rachel did not seem to have suffered any real loss. This is an important consideration to make for travelers. You are not entitled to compensation simply on the grounds of minor and temporary discomfort.

It is very easy for people to become emotionally attached to their situation, their frustration and anger. Sometimes, this leads people to irrationally pursue legal action in order to seek the “justice” that they think they deserve.

A Brisbane personal injury lawyer will advise you on the potential of success in your claim with consideration to liability issues and an estimate of compensation under the various heads of damages.

Do not be fooled into making a potential nuisance claim where pursuing legal action costs will exceed your potential for compensation. Sometimes, a lawsuit is simply not worth pursuing.


It is very easy for readers to assume that Rachel may have been ‘forced’ to sleep on the floor. Australian society is very respectful towards pregnant women such as enforcing priority seating in public transport. However, this general policy is not effective at compelling a private company to accommodate a pregnant woman who falls within their contract terms.

While Rachel certainly was entitled to some sympathy, there were a number of other actions she could have undertaken to mitigate her situation:

  • Sought accommodation herself at her own expense
  • Paid for access to the lounge;
  • Considered taking out travel insurance to reimburse her for situations such as this; or
  • Considering the absolute necessity of her flying while she is 36 weeks pregnant, especially when she is subject to Braxton Hicks contractions.

Takeaway from this Situation

It is to the discretion of a company to decide how they will treat their customers. However, from an objective position, a customer should always be prepared to consider worse case scenarios prior to flying.

Travel insurance is an important component to compensate for exceptional circumstances outside the traveller’s control. While it costs an additional amount of money, it also provides an avenue of relief that may come sooner than pursuing a lengthy litigation claim.

Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane - East Coast Injury Lawyers

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One important factor for claimants to find in a personal injury law firm is their adaption to new technology. A law firm that stays antiquated with paper only systems and out-dated computer software can potentially bring increased costs to clients through inefficienc

For example, a task such as conducting research may go exponentially faster with legal staff up-to-date with technological trends.

However, that is only one aspect on how technology is evolving personal injury claims. Another significant way to see technology in personal injury law is on how it is affecting the claimants themselves.

How technology is changing your claim outcome is the topic in this series of articles. East Coast Injury Lawyers will assess and give insight on some of the most recent and impacting technological trends that are affecting Australians with their personal injury claims in workers compensation and motor vehicle accidents.

The Beginning

Since Facebook was invented in 2004, it has been both the blessing and bane of people all over the world. As a one stop source for personal news, pictures, videos and gossip, Facebook has exploded in popularity and set the stage for other social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

The Social Proof

Don’t believe us? Even law firms are proud to show off their office’s culture and accomplishments through social media. Check out our social media pages:


The Dark Side of Social Media

However, on a more serious note, social media has also brought up a darker side of online networking in the forms of cyber stalking, bullying and even promotion of illegal activities. The increased amount of abuse online stems from one central problem with online social media: privacy.

It is always possible for people to steal your identity, or even just spoil your image by posting a bad photo, comment or video about you. It is also possible for such online activities to progress to more serious situations such as assault and battery.

These problems may lead to potential altercations and injury that can lead to compensation by suing the aggressors for an intentional tort.

How Social Media Affects Your Legal Rights

Despite increased privacy security settings, information stored online is often far from private. Such power to spread your image and information worldwide in a simple way has also made social media a great resource for insurance defence investigators to pry into your private life when a claim is made for compensation in both motor vehicle accident and workers compensation claims.

Social media may also be subpoenaed to be used as evidence in court.

Insurance Tactics

Insurance companies often bank on claimants thinking that their information online is inaccessible. However, simply having access to general information such as favourite places or activities can potentially expose claimants to a slew of credibility attacking evidence; most of this information may not even help defend against a claim but could nonetheless make an insurer more resistant to settling on favourable terms.

For example, a direct keyword Facebook search can reveal information about you through public sites pages such as Facebook groups and organization Facebook pages. Investigators may also learn about your hobbies and search those same groups for information about you. One of the most common examples I have come across was investigating claimants who were ‘unable to raise their arms, bend or twist their hips’ but were caught dancing in various poses contrary to their complaints because photos of them were published on a nightclub website.

Advice from East Coast Injury Lawyers

This was the very issue that arose from the recent 2015 decision in Digby v The Compass Institute and Anor. In this case, a woman was injured at work when a police safety presentation caused one of her clients to fall and she injured her arm trying to protect the client. She sued her workplace for damages in negligence and although she was successful in holding her workplace liable, her damages were limited significantly because of evidence found on her Facebook page (that was not revealed until the trial.)

Social media should not be seen as an “end all” to a personal injury claim. However, it definitely should be managed early in a claim to minimize how an insurance company can use that information against you.

It is also important that you follow ALL the advice of your medical doctor regarding your limitations and your capabilities. Almost all medical professionals acknowledge that patients have good days and bad days. Following the advice of your doctor and remaining active within their accepted parameters will not only help heal you faster, but it can also potentially mitigate the effects of a potential social media issues by giving a reasonable and viable justification to some of your activities (e.g. I said that it was difficult for me to walk after the accident, by my doctor advised to try and do a little walking more and more each day.)

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In the process of dealing with an accident and personal injury, there is the constant requirement to manage your emotions during the settlement process. Perhaps, one of the worst times this arises is in the settlement conference of the pre-trial stage.  Read the rest of the entry...

Nov 23

Today's article comes in response to a horrible story about a young man who was saved by a mother after he was set on fire because of an alleged road rage incident. The attack occurred on Wardoo St near Southport.  Read the rest of the entry...