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The Melbourne Cup is approaching and Australians are becoming excited for the opportunity to watch the races. However, one thing that people are reluctant to gamble on is their health and their livelihood. When an accident occurs on the road in a motor vehicle or at work, the results can be devastating.

A ‘no win no fee’ agreement may be offered by personal injury law firms to provide access to justice for people who would be unable to fund their claim due to their accident injuries. This type of agreement generally means that a client is only obligated to pay a law firm’s fees if the client’s case is settled or won successfully in cou

A no win no fee agreement (also known as a conditional costs agreement) is a contractual agreement between a lawyer and client where the lawyer agrees not ot charge any fees until the client ‘wins’ their claim. The lawyer agrees to take on the risks associated with the case including the possibility that the claim may fail. If this happens, the lawyer does not charge their fees. If the case is successful however, the client agrees to pay the lawyer out of their monies recovered from the other party (though, this is not always the case.)

Yet, a claimant still must be very careful when consenting to a no win no fee agreement. Not all law firms structure their no win no fee agreements in the same way. Depending on the terms of the contract, a client may still be responsible for the outlays/disbursements paid pursuing the claim such as court filing fees, expert report costs and barrister fees. It is important for a claimant to make sure that the no win no fee agreement also includes the costs of outlays/disbursements.

A challenge for accident injury claimants is choosing the right lawyer from the long list of ‘no win no fee’ personal injury lawyers in Queensland including Brisbane and the Gold Coast. For your convenience, here is a helpful Consumer Article from the Queensland Law Society to give you an idea of some of the questions you should ask a personal injury lawyer.

A good personal injury lawyer will explain to you clearly all of the details of the retainer. They will also remind you that any form of litigation comes at a risk (if anyone tells you that a claim is always 100% guaranteed, they are lying to you.)

When you are considering your legal options, make sure to evaluate the legal risks with your own financial circumstances.


If our firm agrees to take on your claim on a no win no fee basis, you will never be expected to pay any out of pocket expenses, including disbursements if your claim is unsuccessful.

For more information on our no win no fee arrangement, read this article.

Would you like more information? Simply contact us at 1300 720 544 or by filling out our case review form.