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You are here » Home » News » No Win No Fee Lawyers. What’s the Catch?

Trying to find a no win no fee lawyer can be tricky.  Not all personal injury lawyers operate on a no win no fee basis and, even when they do, often there are terms and conditions attached to those no win no fee agreements.

Do you have to pay for outlays?

In some cases, firms attach conditions to their no win no pay agreements so that the injured person has to pay for expenses as they go, or they have to reimburse the firm for those expenses that have been incurred at the end should the claim fail.

Do you have to pay the other side’s costs?

What’s more, many firms fail to point out to their clients that if their matter proceeds to litigation (ie once a claim is lodged in the Court registry and served on the Defendant) and if they ultimately lose or even discontinue their case, they could be liable to pay the Defendant’s costs incurred in having to defend the matter.  Often these fees can be $50,000.00 or more.

Of course, this almost never happens in cases where a specialist personal injury lawyer is involved, as they are able to assess your prospects from a very early stage and ensure that appropriate offers of compromise are made to settle your claim.

If the expert no win no fee lawyer working for you considers that your prospects are poor, they would advise you of that fact as soon as possible and would make sure that your claim is discontinued before the matter is litigated.  This would then avoid any risk of you having to pay the Defendant’s costs.

Why hire a no win no fee lawyer?

A no win no fee lawyer is not someone who should be feared. The no win no fee arrangement is something that really works for people who have suffered personal injury through a work accident, car accident or any other accident. Usually they are the people who cannot afford to pay a lawyer because they are often unable to work due to injury.

A good no win no fee arrangement will mean that you will not be required to pay any of your lawyers’ fees or outlays unless and until you win your case. This is a massive advantage for the injured person.

To find out whether you be able to take advantage of this type of assistance from East Coast Lawyers, call one of our Gold Coast personal injury lawyers today on (07) 555 48 333 to discuss.  Our initial telephone advice is free.