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 In any accident involving movement, there is a chance to sustain a whiplash injury. A sudden strong jerking motion may cause injury to vital joints and muscles in the neck that can be both painful and debilitating.

Yet, the science of whiplash injuries can often be confusing and contradicting, especially if the majority of research is done on the internet. How can the victim of a whiplash accident answer difficult legal questions such as:

Is there such a thing as whiplash injuries in low speed accidents?

How can I get whiplash compensation for my accident?

East Coast Injury Lawyers is here to help, by addressing some of the more common client questions that we have come across.

What causes whiplash?

People most often associate whiplash with car accidents. This is one of the most common contributors to whiplash injuries. But did you know that this is not always the case? Athletes also can suffer whiplash injuries when they are suddenly struck or tackled. Whiplash can also occur in the workplace when a worker is suddenly jerked around by machinery or from a fall, and can also sustain neck damage from falling objects that cause the neck to suddenly jerk.

What are the symptoms of whiplash?

After an accident, adrenaline is coursing through the body and victims often are not aware of their symptom until 24 hours or more when the onset occurs. Some of the most common symptoms that arise include:

  • -Neck pain and stiffness
  • -Shoulder or low back pain
  • -Headaches, dizziness
  • -Pain and numbness in the arms and hands
  • -Sleep disturbance, fatigue

How are whiplash injuries diagnosed?

A whiplash injury may both be simple or difficult to diagnose depending on the individual. Most injury is on soft tissue such as the discs, muscles and ligaments. As such, a standard x-ray will not be able to be show a whiplash injury.

Specialized imaging tests such as CT scans or MRIs are the most common requirements to diagnose damage to the discs, muscles or ligaments that can be the cause of whiplash injuries and pain.

These tests may be interpreted differently by medical professionals depending on their specialization and it is common for victims of whiplash injuries to seek second opinions if the initial diagnosis cannot properly explain their pain and symptoms.

Whiplash injuries may be difficult to diagnose because the main symptom is pain, which is a subjective observation. A doctor cannot ‘feel’ their patient’s pain so it may be difficult to determine a completely accurate diagnosis based solely on the complaints of the patient.

Can I treat whiplash injury?

There is no scientifically proven single treatment that is effective for whiplash injuries. To reduce symptoms, a comprehensive and gentle approach is often required that can include:

  • -Pain medication
  • -Massage therapy
  • -Physical therapy
  • -Traction therapy
  • -Heat or ice therapy
  • -Cortisone injections
  • -Ultrasound therapy

What are the legal issues with whiplash injury?

Since there is a multitude of approaches required to treat whiplash injuries and effectively diagnosing the severity of the injury may be difficult, compensation for this kind of injury may be a challenge to quantify.

A victim of accident acting on their own may be prejudicing their legal rights because the law can be very complicated around whiplash injuries when it comes to the court’s determination of compensation. This area of law becomes further complicated with the unique characteristics of the individual and their accident and losses such as their inability to work, their need for housekeeping or caregiving, or the medication prescribed to them by their medical professionals.

Recommendation: Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Most personal injury lawyers in Queensland will provide a free initial consultation to assist clients with making a decision about pursuing a whiplash injury claim. However, the challenge arises from finding a competent and effective whiplash injury lawyer. How can someone do that, especially when choosing among dozens of lawyers in areas such as Brisbane and the Gold Coast?

East Coast Injury Lawyers Can Help

East Coast Injury Lawyers can help you with your whiplash injury claim. Our team is led by accredited specialists in personal injury who also have experience as insurance defence lawyers. This means that your claim will receive a comprehensive approach from both sides of the legal argument that may strengthen your claim and lead to a quicker and more satisfying settlement or result in trial.

Would you like more information on how we can help? Simply fill out our case review form or contact us at 1300 720 544.

We will provide a free, no obligation initial legal consultation so you can tell us your story. We will then provide you with the initial legal advice you need to determine whether a personal injury claim is in your best interests to pursue for your whiplash injury.

Do not delay. Time limits apply for your claim so contact us today.