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Car accidents are one of the most common accidents to occur to a person and carry a higher risk than other modes of transportation such as boats or planes. It’s no wonder why technology is advancing in ways to protect road users that are almost unbelievable such as self-driving cars and “smart roads” (more affectionately referred by supporters as “solar freaking roadways.”)

Yet, until this technology is perfectly developed, the chance of an accident and injury on the road are a constant risk for drivers and passengers. This reality can be a very scary thought for many people and many questions may come to mind. Fortunately, East Coast Injury Lawyers is eager to help provide some general information:

What do I do if my family or friends were injured?

Make sure that the first seek medical help right away. When you get the chance, it is also important to make sure that they receive legal advice from an accredited specialist in personal injury to give their rights to compensation.

What if my injuries prevent me from working?

You may be compensated for any wage loss that occurs after the accident and for any future extent determined by your medical documentation and other evidence.

Do I get compensated for my pain and suffering?

You may be able to make a general damages claim but there are numerous laws that concern how much you can claim under this head of damage. It is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer to be informed of your chances of success in pursuing a claim for pain and suffering.

Do I have to deal with the other driver?

Most likely, the other driver will have third party insurance to cover their accident so you would be dealing predominantly with the third party insurer. However, it is important that you seek professional legal advice on whether or not you should pursue a claim.

What if I want more information about my motor vehicle accident?

We have written information about the topic that you can find here.

How Can East Coast Injury Lawyers Help?

East Coast Injury Lawyers can help you answer those questions and assist you in the legal process to recover compensation for your car accident injuries and losses. Our firm will handle all of the necessary legal work so that you can focus on your recovery and family.

Do not delay in getting the advice to guide you in protecting your legal rights. Contact us today.