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You are here » Home » News » Slipped Over in a Shopping Centre? (Slip and Fall Claims)

Slip and fall claims in supermarkets and shopping centres are probably the most common enquiry we field in relation to Public Liability claims. Typically, you have a combination of a smooth tiled floor, with a high contamination risk from drinks, food and everyday food produce.

Simply because people fall over in these circumstances, does not mean the injured party definitely has a claim. All claims are subject to a test of reasonableness, that is, is there something that the person in control of the Centre could have done to prevent the risk. Typically, a system of cleaning where a cleaner goes by every 20 minutes will be held to be sufficient.

In these modern times, it is almost guaranteed that each and every part of a shopping centre is covered by CCTV footage. This is excellent evidence of what caused a fall and what was done or not done to prevent the same.

Obtaining this evidence is a simple matter of lodging the claim form on the owner or manager of the store or Centre and obtaining immediate disclosure of the same. A decision can then be made as to prospects of success.